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These are the foundational elements of our success. Our construction services provide end-to-end solutions. From preconstruction through project completion for both multi-family and townhome developments, our team is there to help our clients with all their project needs.


Thorough preconstruction planning is the foundation for successfully executed construction projects. At Kinzie Builders, we provide a full range of preconstruction services, including land development, cost estimating, design management, and zoning/permit coordination.


From the very beginning the development team, architects, professional engineers and the Kinzie Team collaborate to design the most cost-effective project.

We minimize modifications during construction and eliminate additional expenses associated with those modifications to continuously streamline the process.

General Contracting

Our business is built on deep industry experience and trusted relationships.

Our extensive building experience and established subcontractor relationships allow us to bid the most competitive prices for your construction needs.


For all of our real estate development projects, we take into consideration the lasting implications of construction on both our clients and our communities.

Our LEED-certified developments feature improved performance, lower ongoing operational costs, and minimal environmental hazards.

Multi Family Projects

Maximizing value for tenants, the community, and ownership entities requires transparent collaboration from the preliminary design stages through ongoing operation and maintenance. At Kinzie, our engineering-oriented strategies, open communication, and construction expertise consistently produce integrated structural, MEP, and aesthetic solutions to refine functionality while reducing cost implications. Whether it’s through design | assist or value engineering efforts, we work hand in hand with ownership, the design team, and our subcontractors to define stakeholder objectives and produce quality deliverables for our luxury Multifamily projects.

Mixed Use Developments

Sophisticated comprehension and early planning of a Mixed-Use Development’s vision is critical for the fluid integration of each variables’ parameters. Kinzie considers each direct and indirect variable constituted as a result of another’s existence, so that maximum functionality is achieved for all uses. Kinzie has integrated various Mixed-Use Developments to exceed expectations, successfully incorporating retail, restaurants, office space, transit, and elaborate amenity areas to thrive and coexist with the anatomy of residential buildings.

Senior Living

Attention to detail for the daily operations of both residents and staff is critical to assess the most practical designs and solutions in Senior Living projects to improve the quality of life and medical operations. Correlating daily efficiencies with an intricate review of applicable codes allows the design to proceed with luxury finishes, interactive amenity areas, and maximized resident experiences, while still providing essential care. Kinzie enforces cognizant construction practices for Senior Living facilities through gut rehabs, retrofitting, and new construction.

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    Creative Strategies

    Strategic thinking, early planning and sophisticated comprehension of each project is the pillar of our success.

    Integrated Solutions

    We pride ourselves on transparent collaboration, engineering-oriented strategies and our construction expertise.

    Proven Results

    We consistently produce high-quality deliverables that are catered to each of our clients’ specific needs.

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